This is an amazing recipe that I just threw together one day. Everyone loves it so much, it doesn't last long. This is good with any kind of canned or fresh fruit.I thought this recipe was very easy to make. I didn't have any trouble getting it to get thick. I did make a couple of adjustments. I increased the sugar to 2/3 c. and added a little bit of vanilla. I love the graham cracker crust so I made it extra thick. I also make it in a 9" square pan. It was delicious!! For those who had trouble getting it thick, make sure that you have "heavy" whipping cream.

I made this in no time at all ..over Christmas and have not stopped making it! Never any problems with it not thickening, it is a tasty treat every time I have made it. I've made this recipe twice now, with great success each time. The only thing I changed in the recipe was that I used a container of frozen whipped topping from the store instead of the whipping cream, and I added extra cinnamon (my favorite spice) and 2 540 ml cans of filling as I could hardly taste the 1 can of filling the first time I made it. 

OK so this was pretty good. My daughter and I made these for dessert, and after taste testing the mixture. I took it to work and got a few greats and a few its ok but a bit too fluffy/soft. I thought that this would be good for hot weather so that the oven doesn't have to be turned on. However, this is not something that can sit out for even a 1/2 hour, IMO.


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