This is a twist on the traditional deviled egg. I usually use 1 or 2 fewer yolks for the filling. his recipe was a great find. I loved the creaminess of the yolk and avocado mixture. The lime juice was also detectable, which we enjoyed. I only made 3 hard-boiled eggs and used all the yolks in the recipe. Yes, I did have extra filling, but I just finished it on a cracker or two. The one change I made was an optional item. Instead of the dash of hot sauce, I added a sprinkle of the cayenne pepper. Eggs were delish, and a definite keeper in this house.

Made a dzen and a half today for Memorial Day parties and they were a huge hit with the adults and kids too! I didn't have lime juice on hand so I used lemon, a little more garlic than called for, and left out the turkey bacon (I didn't have any either), added the pepper to the filling and also sprinkled on top. It had a great flavor, not too heavy, and with just enough kick to make it exciting


What a nice twist to the deviled egg!!! I had to make a day ahead so I put the filling in a plastic bag, squeezed out the air and filled egg shells the next day.I didn't have mayo or bacon and they were still great! I used more avo in place of the mayo, and then smoked paprika on top. Delicious!


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