The CUTEST Teddy Bear Cookies

Cookies shaped like teddy bears. I have loved this recipe since I was little (in the 80s) important thing allrecipes leaves out is CHILL DOUGH FOR AT LEAST TWO HOURS before trying to make the bears. Overnight is best.This a a great cookie, but take a good vanilla butter cookie and along with the teddy bear cookie formula, make panda bear cookie for a spin on this cookie!

I've loved this recipe ever since I first tried it back in junior high school! It's a simple recipe with common, "on-hand" ingredients. It's a little putzy, as it takes some time to shape the cookies. But kids love to help, and the cookies are super-cute (and super yummy)! I usually save these for special occasions because of the time involved. They make a wonderful holiday tradition.

The CUTEST Teddy Bear Cookies

This one is time consuming, alright, and the taste is good but not fantastic. They look so very cute, though. So what I have done to make them carry their weight in trouble is use one or two bears as the top cookies in gift cookie tins or bags containing decorated sugar cookies or some other less designer intensive cookie. The little bear acts as emcee for the treasures by which he is surrounded. ;o)

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