Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes

When I asked my son what he thought, he replied, 'This is the best cupcake I've ever had!' Garnish with fresh raspberries, pink candy pearls, and mint leaves. Keep cupcakes refrigerated. we loved these cupcakes. they were easy to make and a light taste. i liked the no food coloring approach for. definitely a keeper for something alittle different

Got lots of compliments from the kids & group I took to. However, I felt the cupcake was waay too moist with the pudding inside. Had to eat it with a fork on a plate and warn people what was inside so they didn't think it was under cooked. And it didn't have enough lemon flavoring to suit me. May try it again with a lemon cake mix (saves a step-but would be more yellow), or additional lemon zest. Icing also way too sweet to suit my taste. Will probably cut the sugar in half with the icing next time.

Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes

Excellent! It's the combination of flavors that make it so good. They require some work though. Next time I'll get a baking syringe to inject the pudding. I used a straw to poke a hole and then squirted in the pudding. I'll make them again!

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