Glow in the Dark Cupcakes

Here is a recipe I use for beautifully delicious glow in the dark cupcakes. Ideally, you'd use buttercream frosting to ice cupcakes, but I tried these with Lemon Cream Icing for a less buttery icing, and they were perfect! These cupcakes are truly lighter than air and will melt in your mouth. 

I did not have self rising flour , so I used all purpose with 1 tsp baking powder for each cup of flour, and used orange juice and orange zest instead of the lemon. Its one of the most delicious and moist cupcakes I have ever made and its one for keeps.I love these cupcakes!! I've made them twice in the last month, and was thrilled with them both times. They are slightly dense, but I think that is typical of baked goods made from scratch

Glow in the Dark Cupcakes

Oh my! I always cut the fat/butter in every single recipe by 1/2 - dessert or savory - and have no problem. However, since this was my son's 1st birthday and I wanted the cupcakes to be PERFECT, I decided to bite the bullet and put in the whole amount! CRAZY! WAAAAY too much butter! The oils were leaking through the paper liners! That was disappointing. I will make them again but next time? MY way!!

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