These patties are great dipped in ketchup, mustard, or hot sauce. They are also great as a sandwich. Pretty good--these reminded me of the salmon patties my mother made for me when I was young. I had a little trouble with the first batch falling apart, but on my second batch I made the patties fatter (they kind of looked like baseballs in my skillet) and they seemed to hold together much better. I think next time I might add a little more of the onion and perhaps some other spice to make it a bit more zesty, but the hubs and I did enjoy these very much. 

These were very good. They didn't fall apart when I cooked them like most fish cakes. We had them with tartar sauce on buns. I'm going to add some Old Bay next time for extra flavor.To make the patties I put a bit of the bread crumbs in a 1/2 cup metal measuring cup , packed the mix in very tight and added a bit more of the bread crumbs on top before turning the cup over on a tray. That portioned the mix out PERFECTLY and thought I would share that info! 8 gorgeous, perfectly packed patties that held up without falling apart at all! Amazing.


I made some slight changes by only using 2 cans of tuna and 2 tbsp of oil. I substituted Panko for the bread crumbs. I still got 6 patties out of it. The calorie breakdown for the way I made them was 142 cal/patty. I fried them as instructed for 5 min/side. I served them with a garden salad and used the honey and balsamic dressing from this site. It was delicious and healthy! I might throw in some zucchini next time. 

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