This is a delicious lighter cream pie for which the filling is cooked prior to being put in the baked shell. Real butter and half and half are must-haves for this to be at its best. People always ask for the recipe.We loved it! They were not kidding when they said that the mixture needed to be cooked at a high temperature. At first, I cooked it at a mid temperature and it never got to that consistency needed. When I turned the temperature up, it thickened quickly. 

I'd eat the filling as a pudding by itself if I could! its good if you cook a mixture with corn starch too long or over too high heat, the thickening agents will no longer work.I have never had sugar cream pie but I have relatives from Marion, Oh that speak of it often. I decided to try this recipe and while I have no idea if this is how sugar cream pie is supposed to look and taste, I do know that it was delicious. Light, creamy, and custard like it has a wonderfully comfort flavor to it. Really enjoyable. I cooked it to a pudding consistency and it only needed about a minute under broiler. Chilled for a few hours and set to a custard consistency. Will make again.


It only takes 20-60 seconds to brown the top so it's bubbly and browned, yet not burned. Definitely keep an eye on it while it's broiling and be sure to cover the crust to prevent burning. You could skip the broiling altogether, but I wanted the brown sugar to caramelize and give a crunchiness. Once it was sizzling all across the top I took it out, & once cool enough I covered & refrigerated to take to a dinner the next day.

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