I know this recipe sounds different but it was a favorite growing up. They were always one of this first kinds gone when we went to visit grandma. This recipe has been used in my family for generations with a slightly different variation.These cookies ROCK! This is an awesome recipe and you can mix it up a bit if you want! I added Chocolate Chips, Butterscotch Chips for more flavor. 

Be careful not to over bake - it's easily done.. I have made these twice in two weeks, once family came over a devoured them ALL! These are going on my Christmas cookie list. :) This recipe was so easy that I was able to make it with baby on hip. I halved the recipe and made four minor changes: * I used only butter (no shortening on hand). * I added a little extra oatmeal but a strong hand is needed when mixing the ingred. at the end. Also watch the timing as suggested-very important.


I wasn't sure how the coconut would taste with oatmeal...but it was wonderful. It keeps the cookies extremely moist.I mixed all the ingredients together in my Kitchenaid (I didn't separate wet and dry). * I shortened the cooking time until the cookies appeared baked on the sides and still moist in the middle. The end result was wonderful. The buttery coconut taste was warm and exotic. The coconut and oatmeal added a nice texture. The cookies were a little flatter than most recipes I have made, but under cooking them allowed them to remain moist. I will definitely make this recipe again.


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