This very rich and easy-to-make pie is a modified family recipe. It can be made with either peaches or apples.  it turns out delicious every time- we used fresh yellow peaches and instead of pouring the mix on top of the peaches in the pie crust, we mixed the ingredients with the peaches in a ziploc bag to insure it was coated completely - everyone loves this recipe including my mom and sis in law who are hard to please

it was very delicious. What I did do was cut the sugar because I used the canned Peaches that had heavy syrup. I will try it again with maybe fresh peaches or peaches with the juice. My family and myself enjoyed this pie. My husband had seconds and I was tempted to. That's how good it was! This is extremely easy to make and tastes great.


I decided to cut the sugar in half, as well as add a quarter cup heavy cream. I also added a bit of crumble topping before baking.Very simple and good. Nice to have on hand the ingredients to make it for uninvited guests. Best served warm with a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream.Really good, simple dish. Easy to make and very yummy!

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  1. What a yummy recipe! We loved it so much we featured it in our 25 Sweet and Savory Peach Recipes. You can see it here - Thanks for sharing!


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