A chocoholic's dream! Everyone loves the crunch, but no one ever guesses what it is. People can't eat just one.This recipe is fantastic!!! Each cookie is consistent, loaded with chocolate chips, and delicious! I won't make any other chocolate chip recipe again, this is the one to make! his cookie had such promise. everything about it sounded delightful..but believe what you hear.. the cereal crisp turns into "moosh" and leaves the cookie with an odd texture.. and yes 4 cups of choc. chips.. WAY too much.. all in all good idea.

The texture of these was weird. Definitely not crunchy like you would expect. I might try adding more rice cereal next time.These were so good right out of the oven! I used the chocolate chips I had on hand which were the dairy/gluten free mixed with a little bit of reg. semi sweet. I too reduced to 2 cups and it was plenty. I cant imagine what they would have turned out like with 4 cups! Thank you for a different use for rice cereal other than krispy treats!

Oatmeal, Chocolate-Chip, Rice Krispy Cookies

The cookies are good but the texture of the rice krispies was different than what I expected. They came out chewy/crunchy, not crispy/crunchy. The overall cookie taste was still really good though. I also halved the chocolate chips and there was plenty.i would have added more Fruity Pebbles to get more of a crunch. Definitely making again... with more fruity pebbles and less chocolate chips!


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