Oh my Goodness!! Who knew that fresh apples, crescent roll dough, and citrus soda could make such a wonderful treat!Amazingly easy and one of the best desserts I've ever made, this is definitely company worthy. made this tonight they are incredible.  This recipe was a huge hit at the last family gathering. Both my Mother and my Grandmother asked me for the recipe!

After a few trials I've found that the key is to 1) coat the apples in cinnamon and sugar before wrapping 2) Use 2 parts white to 1 part brown sugar in the sauce. simmer until it makes a thick, rich caramel and pulls away from the side of the pot. then add 1 tsp. vanilla along with the cinnamon. 

Crescent Roll Apple Dumplings

The secret with the melted butter and sugar is to continue cooking it until it is well blended and thickens, stirring constantly. Then stir in the cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of vanilla.Since this is super fattening, This recipe reminds me of the apple dumplings my Southern Granny made, absolutely delicious! For those that say they are soggy, that is the way old fashioned dumplings tasted, soft and gooey and syrupy on the bottom and slightly crisp on the top. These were perfect! Everyone who has tried them has loved them and I live in the state of New York, not a southern state! I did try cutting the sugar back to 1 cup and that worked for me but everyone loved the original sweetness.


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