Pie for dinner! Easier than cooking cheeseburgers and pretty enough for company. While I received strange looks from family and my unexpected drop-in guest when I told them what dinner would be, the pie was eaten and proclaimed "pretty good". It smells and looks just like meatloaf, except in a pie shell. I think this would be perfect for a play group lunch, as it is VERY filling. Be warned, however...if the name turns you off, stay away.

VERY nice dinner alternative to cheeseburgers or meatloaf. The eggy layer with cheese really takes it to another level. I tried another Cheeseburger  recipe here, and it was fine, but this was much yummier. I used pre-made puff pastry dough for the crust, and added a little extra pepper to spice things up a little. 


This recipe was really easy, especially since I used a store bought premade pie shell! But it just wasn't as yummy as I thought it would be. My family wasn't a big fan of it either, although my little 3 and 18 mo olds ate it just fine. Husband loved the cheeseburger tots, not big on the sauce though. I added 1/4 cup romano to the meat mixture, was VERY good!! I will make this again!This is a recipe that I make several types a month. The whole family loves it.


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