This has always been an often-requested recipe for its looks, taste, and no-plate finger food option. Enjoy!A nice fresh tasting summertime treat. To get a more intense lemon flavor I added lemon zest (the yellow peel from a fresh lemon), Made these for my brother's wedding reception, and they were great! Very easy yet elegant. These look professionally made, and someone said they were the best things he'd ever tasted. Keep an eye on the tart shells when baking.

This recipe was awesome. Very easy to make. Took to a Holiday potluck and got raves about it!!um! A little putzy getting the tins filled and pressed in, but it was worth it. So yummy! Perfectly sweet, wonderfully chewy, delicious. I made "Microwave Lemon Curd" to fill these tart shells and couldn't be more pleased! Pop one in your mouth and it's like magic! I'd serve with a dollop of whipped cream if I was serving to guests but skipped that step this time around. Wow... wondering what else I can fill the shells with... =)


I've made these several times for my family and others. Everyone raves about them.Wow this was soo good! I never bake but this recipe was so quick and easy. The only addition I made was adding lemon zest and freshly squeezed lemon juice to the pudding to give it an extra lemony kick. The presentation is great too - my food never looks as good as it tastes but this definitley does. Great recipe for parties, I'll definitley be making this treat again!


  1. We're so glad you enjoy making and eating our mini lemon flower tarts! Thanks for sharing our recipe and check back soon for more delicious recipes!


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