Dairy Free Chocolate, Avocado, & Banana Smoothie Recipe

This was simple and delicious! My kids loved it. I had to use light vanilla almond milk (25% less sugar) because I didn't have any unsweetened vanilla almond milk. The extra sugar made it very sweet, so I think following the recipe would make for a perfect healthy treat that my kids would have still loved.

I have a honey allergy so I omitted the honey and unsweetened cocoa powder. I made it with chocolate milk to give it the extra chocolate flavour it would otherwise be missing but I didn't want all the extra sugars so I used only 1/2 cup and added extra ice (I like a thick shake).

My brand of protein powder packs a good chocolate punch so I tried the recipe again without the chocolate milk and it still tasted like it had a nice balance of chocolate-PB-banana . I don't know what the original version tastes like but if you've got a good protein powder you can skip the honey & cocoa.

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