Perfect frosting - exactly what I was looking for! I used this on a bundt carrot cake from a box, and it really made it special. I sieved the confectioners sugar to avoid lumps, and added it slowly, tasting at intervals until I was happy with the sweetness.

I also used kahlua (about 3 teaspoons) to flavor, which is sweet, so I cut back on the amount of sugar used. I frosted all sides of the bundt cake and have plenty left over - my boyfriend was eating the icing with a spoon!

Best cream cheese frosting I have made! My husband couldn't stop piping it into his mouth! I did have one person tell me that there was too mush vanilla but I don't think so. I added crushed glazed pecans that I made myself.

I melted 2 cups sugar and 1/4 tsp salt on the stove and tossed the pecans in it. I transferred it to wax paper and when they cooled I crushed them in a plastic bag with a rolling pin and then mixed them into the frosting. YUMMY!!


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