I loved these! So much easier to make than I would have guessed. I made sure to drop my apples in boiling water for a bit and dry them off really well, letting them get nice and cool before i dipped them in the caramel.

I think I over cooked the caramel just a tad - I did not have a candy thermometer! But I used a knife and cut slices and it was every bit as delicious and not as messy! LOL I used Karo Light Corn Syrup, but I think i would like to try it with Karo Dark syrup.

Perfect. Thick, chewy caramel that coated the apples beautifully. Didn't slide off at all. I found that it only took me about 8 minutes on medium heat to reach 248 deg.
So, be sure to use your thermometer rather than a stated time as I'm sure all stove tops heat differently. Lastly, I didn't actually dip my apples into boiling water to remove wax, and my apples still held the caramel well.


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