Triple Chocolate Turtle Fudge

I LOVED these brownies! I tried them out last night before everyone got home from work and theirs only 1 left (probably because no one wants to wash the pan). But i didn't have a 3oz pudding so i used my 5oz pudding. And i didn't have enough milk so i used veg. oil. It all turned out perfect!

I made them for my husband and his family. I was little nervous because they both are really picky when it comes to brownies...but to my surpirse...they loved them. Couldn't keep my boyfriend out of them either. I am making them again this weekend!
These are VERY chocolately and moist. If these don't sastify your chocolate craving, there is something wrong with you! As far as the directions go, you really can't whisk in the cake mix very well as the pudding and cake mix gets really thick. You also aren't "pouring" the batter into the pan. The batter is so thick you have to scrape it out of the bowl.

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