Strawberry Rolls with Cream Cheese Icing

These were sooooooo good! I used less than the full amount of powdered sugar. I also used regular whipping creamed and whipped it without sweetening it. The filling turned out sweet but not too sweet. I sliced my strawberries, tossed them with sugar and put them in the fridge while I did the filling and the rolls. My rolls turned out okay but not great. Kind of blah tasting and they didn't look right but they worked, I think it was my pan. Still a delicious meal!

I made these for my husband today and with the exception of leaving out lemon juice ( I was out) I followed the recipe to the letter. My Husband ran out of adjectives describing how wonderful they were. This will be a weekly item for him.

My husband especially loved this recipe. I made it to the letter except omitting the whipping cream entirely because I did not have any. I emasciated the strawberries and refrigerated them while I mixed together the cream cheese, powdered sugar, lemon and zest and vanilla. Then I refrigerated that as well.

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