Reese's Peanut Butter Fudge

This is the best peanut butter fudge I have ever made and have been making it for several years. The first time I tried it, I waited for a full rolling boil and it ended up too hard, so I start timing just as soon as I see small bubbles. It turns out perfect every time. I am a southern girl from the "boil and drop in cold water" school. But, I have won numerous fudge contests with this recipe and will never go back to boiling and dropping.

Wonderful fudge! This was my first attempt at fudge and it turned out perfectly. I would highly recommend this recipe. Hint: Line the pan with Saran Wrap before pouring in the fudge. When the fudge has cooled, you can just pop it out of the pan and peel off the Saran Wrap. This gives the fudge a smooth professional look and gives you no sticky pan to clean!

At first, I rated this recipe a 2 as it was written. It was way too dry and tasted just like powdered sugar with a hint of peanut butter. However, I made it again with 2 c. brown sugar, 3 c. powdered sugar, and 1.5 c. of peanut butter. This time, it is delicious and creamy!

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