Wow. I made this for Christmas goodie baskets and it received RAVE reviews. The fudge was so good, I just couldn't stop making it. Before the day was over, I had gone through 15lbs. of white sugar. Friends were giving it to friends, and I am still getting e-mails for the recipe. 
This recipe also makes great chocolate fudge. Just replace the peanut butter with 4 cups milk chocolate chips and 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips.

I tried this at my very first attempt to make fudge. PERFECT! I took the time to read the reviews and it helped me understand what I was doing. Everybody raved about this fudge and asked me how to do it. Note: Wait for a full boil before you start the 7 minutes timer. I did not stir at all while the sugar was boiling.

This is an AWESOME recipe! I agree with the other reviews, you MUST start the 7 minute mark after the mixture starts to boil or it might turn out too soft. I put foil in the pan and sprayed a little butter flavored nonstick spray on the foil, its MUCH easier to take out this way. As another reviewer said, use a bigger pan than stated to use.


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