Dark Chocolate Caramallows

I was sure a tasty surprise when I took the first bite and instantly thought "Snickers!" My mom and aunt make a recipe similar to this. They keep the candy in the freezer until ready to be put out. Caramel doesn't melt as quickly. Just be carefult when you bit in!

Absolutely killer good! Very rich so cut it into smaller squares. And keep it cold or keep ice under the serving dish when out of the refrigerator as it will get awfully gooey when warm. Made this for christmas soon with my family. It was so yummy that we offered it to other skiers and they kept coming back for more. It's a keeper!

This recipe is excellent, and addictive. I've made it several times, and have no problems with the layers, etc. I don't think it's that much work, but I just work on other things while I'm waiting. I make holiday tins for people, and this candy is included for everyone.

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