This is such a delightful does take the cheesecake alot of hours to firm up. But what i did to give if more of a cheesecake taste was to add about 1/2 of another 8oz of cream cheese to it and it also help it to firm up more, even though i left it in the refrigerator overnight yummy yummy cheesecake. This sort of have a keylime taste to it but all in all it's delicious. I have many this cheesecake numerous time for many many people.

This is the great cheesecake my husband loved it. I have been making this for him. The only problem with this recipe is that I have to make this when he is not home, because like a child he can not wait until it sets. Tip: Do not try to use already softened cream cheese, be patient & wait for the pkg to soften. As I have tried this in a hurry & the pie does not set up well.

This was exactly what I was looking for when I wanted to make cheesecake for a family get together. and I'm pretty picky with my cheesecake. It wasn't overpoweringly sweet. The only thing I'd say is that next time I would soften my cream cheese a little more because there were some little chunks! I made them into 6 little mini cheesecakes, so everyone enjoyed their own little cheesecake.


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