25 Easy Christmas Desserts for a Sweeter Christmas

LOVE this cake! I suggest only a couple of modifications, but if you can't make the changes, make this cake anyway because it is a real crowd pleaser. First, use Demerara sugar instead of brown sugar if you can. It's usually found in regular grocery stores, next to the other sugars, and it doesn't cost much more. It's is a light brown sugar that provides a stickier texture and a really rich aroma-- perfect for this cake. Second, marinate the candied fruit in the brandy for as long as you can. You really want the fruit to be plump. Third, follow the directions for a long baking time in low heat. Don't try to speed things up by increasing the temperature (like I once did...)! Fourth, top with Royal Icing-- there are some very good recipes for it on this website. Royal Icing is a bit tricky to work with, but it's worth the effort!

This recipe is awesome! The first year I've used it, I got several compliments from family and friends. The second year, I gave cakes away as gifts. Now people wait for it every Christmas. I have my great aunts - who are great cooks and bakers themselves and who are very critical about other people's cooking who actually want this recipe for themselves. I never thought making fruitcakes could be so fun and rewarding!

This cake was awesome. I made 3 loaf pans of this recipe,super moist. Poked holes on top and drizzled 1 oz brandy over all 3 loaves once a week fro 3 weeks. Took slices to work and all my coworkers gave rave reviews. I love fruit cake and liked putting in fruit that I like,will try cranberries next year.

Get all the recipes and instructions for the desserts just here >>> 25 Easy Christmas Desserts for a Sweeter Christmas @ christmas.365greetings.com

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